Miami And Broward Florida Catering

Lunch Buffet Option 3

Gourmet Sandwich & Wraps:
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wraps
Hummus on Pita with Sprouts
Vegetable Wrap
Turkey and Swiss on a Kaiser Roll
Ham and Cheddar on a Baguette

Piece of Fruit
Pasta Salads

Dessert Selection:
Double Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate or Mango Moose

Optional Items:
Beverage Table: $120.00 (sparkling waters, soft drinks, tea and sugars, lemon and limes)
Buffet Setup: $125.00 with your choice of color

You may selects wraps and sandwiches individual includes sides, desserts are assorted individually.
All orders includes the plastic products. Utensils, plates, cups and napkins.
Cost per Person:$18.00